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kWh Meters by Emlite

kWh Meters by Emlite
Model: ECA2.V
Emlite ECA2.V (Dragonfly) is a compact and robust single phase kWh meter complete with pulsed output optional.It is OFGEM approved and suitable for measuring generation of PV solar panel systems. Nominal Voltage Un 220-240V, 120V Single Phase Network 100A Direct Connected Voltage Ra..
The Emlite EMA1 is a wall mounted single phase kWh meter, With separate supply for Off-peak / Dual Fuel. TOPUPMETERS is a new and exciting way for landlords to recharge for energy usage within their rental properties. Using the proven Em-lite smart meter TOPUPMETERS is the most modern and up to date..
Model: A pair of meter integrity seals.
Secure your meters with these tamper proof integrity seals.  One set is 2 seals per bag...
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