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kWh Meters by Emlite

kWh Meters by Emlite
Model: ECA2.V
Emlite ECA2.V (Dragonfly) is a compact and robust single phase kWh meter complete with pulsed output optional.It is OFGEM approved and suitable for measuring generation of PV solar panel systems. Nominal Voltage Un 220-240V, 120V Single Phase Network 100A Direct Connected Voltage Ra..
The Emlite EMA1 is a wall mounted single phase kWh meter, With separate supply for Off-peak / Dual Fuel. TOPUPMETERS is a new and exciting way for landlords to recharge for energy usage within their rental properties. Using the proven Em-lite smart meter TOPUPMETERS is the most modern and up to date..
Our Single Phase Residential Metering Kit's are designed to give you everything required for the job, simply select the elements required from the drop down menu's below.Our experienced meter engineers can even pre-mount and wire in all elements to save time during on site installation...
Model: EMP1.av
The EMP1.av are the entry models of the Emlite three phase metering range. They are suitable for a host of different applications where basic consumption or generation metering is required. The EMP1.av variants covered in this information sheet are of solid high quality construction and benefit ..
Model: A pair of meter integrity seals.
Secure your meters with these tamper proof integrity seals.  One set is 2 seals per bag...
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