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Prepayment Electric Meters from JSG Metering Solutions Ltd

Pre-Pay Card, Coin and Token-less Meters, UK

Prepaid electric meters are becoming increasingly popular with landlords and commercial companies throughout the UK, leading to increased demand from electrical professionals. JSG Metering Solutions is meeting that demand with a range of prepayment electricity meters from carefully selected manufacturers.

Prepayment meters are ideal for landlords as it eliminates the risk of a tenant using electricity and then refusing to pay for it. Using one of our Prepay meters means that a tenant can only use electricity if they have paid for it in advance.Most of the prepayment Meters now have a programmable Standing Charge, Debt Collection and Economy 7 options which the Landlord can set when needed.

The three main types of Prepayment Meters available are Card, Coin and Token-less. We also have Prepayment meters with a Built in Timer, which is ideal for applications where Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Public Toilets, Caravan Site Showers or anywhere time could be used as a controlling factor.

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Iskra - ME382 Single Phase Prepayment Meter with MeterPay
JSG - JS1PM - MID 100A Single Phase RFID Card Meter
JSG - JS1PM - RFID Card & Coin Prepayment Electric Meter
JSG - Pre-Pay Coin Timer Meter - Single Phase 120A
Iskra - MT382 Three Phase Prepayment Meter with MeterPay
Emlite - Pre-Payment Coin Meter - Single Phase 100A

Emlite - Pre-Payment Coin Meter - Single Phase 100A

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Emlite - Pre-Pay Coin Timer Meter - Single Phase 100A
Smartcard - Prepayment Meter - Single Phase 60A
JS3PM - MID Three Phase 100A Smart Prepayment Electric Meter
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