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Smartcard - Prepayment Meter - Single Phase 60A

Smartcard - Prepayment Meter - Single Phase 60A
Smartcard - Prepayment Meter - Single Phase 60A

This prepayment meter uses a smartcard, which is the same size as a credit card. It operates by downloading information from an electronic chip on the card. You can take smartcards to one of your local vendors to prepay for electricity. If the utilities prices change, the meter will be updated with the new prices automatically. This also happens when you have to repay any money you owe from past bills.

Please note you will require the Software/ Programme and USB Card Reader / Writer which is at an additional cost. Please call to enquire as we can always programme and top up the cards at an additional charge as it is required.

If you would like more information about the Smartcard prepayment meter, please call 01268 773 766 to speak to a member of our team.


A pay as you go meter uses your money in two ways

  •  To pay for your energy as you use it
  •  To pay towards any money you may owe from past bill

 The Smartcard prepayment meter has several advantages:

  •  It’s an easy way to budget for electricity – no unexpected bills.
  •  It allows your tenants to stay on supply while repaying any money owed.
  •  It allows you to monitor tenant consumption without visiting the property.
  •  CAP tenants Electricity with embedded digital controls.
  •  Stop Electricity theft.

This System is designed for:

  •  Multiple Tenant Dwellings
  •  Rental Estate Agency
  •  Hospitality Accommodation
  •  Granny Flats
  •  Sporting Facilities
  •  Farms & Staff Accommodation
  •  Marinas & Caravan Parks

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