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Smart Meters

Smart Meters from JSG Metering Solutions Ltd

Smart meters are internet capable devices that measures energy. This measurement is available in intervals an hour or less and even in some cases real time readings are obtainable.

Smart meters use GSM mobile-like signals and other wireless technologies to send the information required from the meter. They have been designed to work with Data collection softwares that will enable you, the Landlord, Owner or User to log onto the meter and see the consumption. With this information you are able to Control, Monitor and Measure at the tip of your finger without physically being in front of the meter. Hence helping save money and control wastage consumption.

The Software can also automatically generate monthly bills which is then emailed to your tenants as often as required.

Please note all Smart Meters are now required by Law to be MID Approved as they are mainly being used for Billing. We at JSG guarantee all of our Smart Meters are MID certified and suitable for this Billing Purposes.

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